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Quintiere, James G.

Quintiere, James G.

Professor Emeritus
Fire Protection Engineering


Educated as a mechanical engineer, Professor Quintiere received a B.S. degree from New Jersey Institute of Technology (1962), and a M.S. (1966) and Ph.D. (1970) from New York University. His career in fire safety began in 1971 when he joined the National Bureau of Standards, now known as the National Institute of Science and Technology. He left in 1989, as Chief of the Fire Science and Engineering Division, to join the faculty of the Department of Fire Protection Engineering.

Dr. Quintiere's research in fire has covered a wide range of topics including compartment fire behavior, fire induced flows, fire growth on materials and scale model studies. He has written 130 journal publications, 50 reports, and co-authored or authored three books:

       1. Principles of Fire Behavior, Delmar Publishers, 0-8273-7732-0, August 1997.

       2. Enclosure Fire Dynamics, CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, Sept. 1999 (B. Karlsson and J. Quintiere)

       3.  Fundamentals of Fire Phenomena, John Wiley and Sons, Ltd. (May 2006)

Dr. Quintiere served as the Chairman of the K-11 Committee on Fire and Combustion of the Heat Transfer Division of ASME (1986-1989), the Chair of the Working Group on Fire Exposures to Structural Elements, SFPE (2000-2005), and Chairman of the International Association for Fire Safety Science (IAFSS) from 1991 to 1997. He received the Department of Commerce Bronze Medal (1976) and Silver Medal (1982); Howard W. Emmons Lecture Award in 1986, the W. Sjolin FORUM Award (2002), and the K. Kawagoe Award (2011) from the IAFSS; and the Rasbash Lecture Medal from the Institution of Fire Engineers, UK, June 2008.  He is a Fellow of the Society of Fire Protection Engineering and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.  He has been a Visiting Professor at the Technical University of Denmark, University of Science and Technology of China, Tokyo University of Science, University of Ulster, and the University of California – Berkeley.  He also has served on many editorial boards of journals related to fire.

He has taught professional courses related to fire dynamics and fire investigation, and has been engaged in consulting and research activities involving notable fires such as the Branch Davidian fire near Waco TX, Dupont Plaza fire in Puerto Rico, the Meridian Plaza and First Interstate Bank high rise fires, and the 911 incident of the WTC.

Fire dynamics, scaling, flammability.


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