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Fire Protection Engineering Majors

Students enrolled in our degree program must schedule their appointments through the TerpEngage Portal.  

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Students who are not yet enrolled in our degree program must schedule their appointments through our Prospective Student Advising Calendar. 

Prospective University of Maryland Students

For those planning to attend UMD: Request an appointment through our online Advising Form.

Academic advising in Fire Protection Engineering is mandatory each term. Appointments are available in multiple formats.  Students can meet with their assigned academic advisor, Nicole Hollywood or Liana Stiegler Orndorff, either virtually or in person. First and second year cohort students and students new to Fire Protection Engineering are required to meet with their advisor. Upperclassmen (juniors and seniors) may choose each term to meet with their advisor or can alternatively complete a Request for Meeting Waiver form to complete the advising requirement.

To schedule a meeting with Nicole or Liana, please utilize the appointment system found in TerpEngage. Follow this link to download/view instructions. Emails and newsletter notifications go out each term reminding students when to schedule an appointment for mandatory semesterly advising. It is recommended to meet with your advisor a minimum of two weeks prior to your semester registration day/time.

Liana will meet with students who are interested in declaring Fire Protection Engineering as a major. If you are a current University of Maryland student, please follow this link to schedule that meeting.  If you are not yet a University of Maryland student, but wish to become one, please send an email to Liana at to request a time to meet.

If you are a UMD student who wants to take a Fire Protection Engineering class, please complete the Permission to Enroll in a FPE Course form and Liana or Nicole will review your request and get back to you.

Academic Planning

All first semester freshman in the Department of Fire Protection Engineering are required to develop an individual four-year graduation plan in consultation with an advisor. Students will not be allowed to register for their next semester's classes until they have a completed an approved plan of study.

The plan will be reviewed by the student and their advisor on a regular basis and revised, if necessary, as individual circumstances change. Under normal circumstances, it is anticipated that a student will complete their degree requirements in no more than four years or eight semesters. Students with exceptional circumstances (such as double majors, special programs, or an inability to attend full-time) may require more time. Students are responsible for beginning each semester with a reviewed and approved plan and they will be expected to complete a specific number of courses each academic year. For more information see the University Student Academic Success/Degree Completion Policy.

Developing and completing this plan has many benefits. First, it will help clarify for you the curriculum requirements for your major. Second it will force you to set precise deadlines by which you can measure your progress. This in turn will help you retain and build your motivation. Finally, a detailed plan of action can help you stay focused - resulting in better academic results and a timely graduation.

Use the links below to access the detailed instructions for developing and completing your four year plan. If you are planning to pursue a second major or minor in another discipline be sure to consult the relevant departments to ensure you meet all program requirements in a timely fashion.


Progress toward degree completion is benchmarked at three points, starting after the student has accumulated 45 credits.  A student who does not meet a benchmark and is not making timely progress to his/her degree, will be required to meet with the departmental advisor before the start of the next semester. If appropriate, the student and advisor will develop a revised plan detailing the timely completion of remaining degree requirements.

If a student is not following an approved plan and is not progressing satisfactorily to his/her degree, he/she will not be eligible to continue in the School of Engineering.

- Registration Information -

In order to attend UMD, students must officially register for classes. Specific dates for registration are listed in the schedule of classes.

Early Registration
Early registration (or pre-registration) periods begin in late October (for spring semester) and late March (for fall). At that time, students receive an email from Records and Registration listing their early registration date. This date is assigned based on the number of credits completed by the student (including advanced placement and transfer credits). Students with higher number of credits are assigned earlier dates.

In order to register for appropriate courses, students should seek advising from the FPE advisor by making an appointment. For best results, schedule your advising session well in advance of your registration date.

All students must have fulfilled the appropriate prerequisites in order to register for courses. The course descriptions in both the Undergraduate Catalog and in the FPE website outline the specific prerequisites for each course.

Add/Drop/Change of Grading Method
Students who wish to change their schedules may do so without any penalty during the first 10 days of classes (check the schedule of classes for specific dates). If a student becomes ill or for some reason does not believe he/she can complete the semester, he/she should contact the FPE Office staff as soon as possible to discuss alternatives. Options may be very limited if a student waits until the end of the semester before notifying the advisor of any change in circumstances. If you need to maintain your full-time status (due to financial aid, student loan or visa requirements) please check with the corresponding offices (Financial Aid or IES) before altering a course schedule. For more information, please check the Schedule of Classes and the Undergraduate Catalog for a complete listing of regulations.

Repeat Policy
All students who matriculated to UMD in Fall 1990 or later are allowed a maximum of two attempts per course, up to a maximum of 18 repeat credits. Please note that a withdrawal counts as an attempt (grade of "W"). All attempts resulting in a grade "A"-"F" are included in the computation of the grade point average. The only exception to this policy is for courses taken within the first 24 credits (for first-time students) or during the first semester (for transfer students). If these courses are repeated, then the grade point average will reflect only the best attempt. Both grades will, however, remain on the student's official transcript. Students must use their repeat credits cautiously.

Academic Probation
All students who find themselves on academic probation must seek mandatory advising from the department advisor. It may be determined that regular meetings with the academic advisor are appropriate to review options for improving their academic record. In order to stay in good academic standing and to receive a degree from the University, students must maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0.

Minimum Grades for Engineering Course Work
Students who wish to obtain a degree from the A. James Clark School of Engineering must receive a minimum grade of "C-" in every engineering course. Students who receive a lower grade must repeat the course in accordance with the University's repeat policy. NOTE: For all students who started at any institution of higher learning in Spring 2005 or after a "C-" or higher is NOW required in all mathematics, physics, and chemistry courses.

Double Major / Double Degree
To complete a "Double Major'' you must satisfy the degree requirements for two majors. If you, graduate with less than 150 credits will receive a single degree Bachelor's Degree. However, if you complete the requirements for both disciplines and earn at least 150 credits, you will actually receive two separate Bachelor's Degrees. Contact FPE advisor for further information and relevant procedures. Visit the Clark School Office of Undergraduate Advising to download the Double Major/Double Degree Form.

Graduate Courses
If you are considering continuing your education by pursuing a graduate degree, please feel free to contact the Graduate Director in the department who can  assist you in your search and provide you with helpful information. Undergraduates with senior standing and a GPA of 3.00 or higher may enroll in 6XX graduate courses, which can count toward their B.S. and/or M.S./M.Eng. degrees.

Permission to Enroll in Another Institution
Once you are admitted to UMD, you may not take courses at another institution and apply them to your degree unless you first obtain approval from Undergraduate Advising & Academic Support via the Permission To Enroll Form.

Application for Graduation
Students preparing to graduate must file an application for a diploma and complete paperwork due to Undergraduate Advising & Academic Support during the first ten days of the semester. In order to facilitate this process, students should complete all steps listed at

Academic Honesty
At UMD, student and faculty together share the responsibility of academic integrity. Members of the University community believe academic dishonesty is a serious issue. As a student, you hold the responsibility to both uphold academic integrity for yourself and reporting dishonesty when you encounter or observe it.

Academic dishonesty is defined as:

  1. Cheating: intentionally using or attempting to use unauthorized materials, information, or study aids in any academic exercise;
  2. Fabrication: intentional and unauthorized falsification or invention of any information or citation in an academic exercise;
  3. Facilitating academic dishonesty: intentionally or knowingly helping or attempting to help another violate any provision of this code;
  4. Plagiarism: intentionally or knowingly presenting the words or ideas of another as one's own in any academic exercise.

    (from the UMD Undergraduate Catalog, 1999-00).

If you believe you have observed academic dishonesty, please contact the Student Honor Council at 301-314-8450, or in room 2118 Mitchell building.

Interested in Taking a Fire Protection Engineering Course? 

If you are a current UMD student enrolled in major other than FPE, and would like to take one of our classes, please complete the Permission to Enroll in a FPE Course form and an academic advisor will review your request and get back to you. If you're unsure of which course to request, email the advising team at


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