Fire Protection Engineering Distinguished Alumni Wall

The Distinguished Alumni Award honors those in the Department of Fire Protection Engineering who have made a contribution to the mission and ideals of the Department. Candidates should have accomplished one, or more, of the following:

  • Contributed truly exceptional service to their community, the Department of Fire Protection Engineering, the profession, and/or the public, or;
  • Enhanced the student experience, research scholarship, academic excellence, technology commercialization, national and international reputation, and impact of the Department of Fire Protection Engineering, or;
  • Made significant accomplishments in the theory and practice of fire protection engineering, or;
  • Managed or directed an organization that has made noteworthy national or international contributions in design, construction, production, or service delivery through the application of complex fire protection engineering principles.

The deadline for nominations for the Distinguished Alumni Award is January 15 each year; the award(s) will typically be announced at the Alumni Dinner in association with the NFPA conference in the Spring. Please note: awards are considered in an on-going basis and may not be awarded in the year the nomination is submitted.

For any related questions, please contact the Nomination Chair, Chris Dubay (

To nominate an alumnus, please Download a Nomination Form.

Distinguished Alumni Recipients

Thomas W. Gardner
B.S. 1986
Moriel Kaplan
B.S. 2001, M.S. 2007
Daniel Madrzykowski
M.S. 1993
Robert E. Solomon
B.S. 1982

Donald Belles
B.S. 1963
Kenneth Bush
B.S. 1976
Francisco Joglar
M.S. 1998, Ph.D. 2001
Frederick Walker
B.S. 1978



FPE Alum M. Hurley
Morgan Hurley,
B.S. 1990, M.S. 2000
FPE Alum Alwin Kelly Alwin Kelly,
B.S. 1999, M.S. 2001
FPE Alum Steve Kerber Stephen Kerber,
B.S. 2003, M.S. 2005
FPE Alum Jamie McAllister Jamie McAllister,
B.S. 2000, M.S. 2002



FPE Alum Bender John F. Bender,
B.S. 1969
FPE Alum J. Jardin Joseph M. Jardin,
B.S. 1983
FPE Alum Murdock Amy J. McGarry-Murdock,
B.S. 1998


FPE Alum Raj Aora Raj Arora,
B.S. 2000
FPE Alum Eric K. Erica D. Kuligowski,
B.S. 2001, M.S. 2003
FPE Alum Salley Mark Henry Salley,
B.S. 1987, M.S. 2000


FPE Alum Jack Medovich Jack Medovich,
B.S. 1983
FPE Alum Watts
Jack Watts,
B.S. 1966


FPE Alum Arnold Daniel L. Arnold,
B.S. 1980
FPE Alum Huggins Roland J. Huggins,
B.S. 1985
FPE Alum Rossenbaum Eric Rosenbaum,
B.S. 1985, M.S. 1997
FPE Alum Welch Stacy N. Welch,
B.S. 1997


Gregory Jakubowski,
B.S. 1985
John W. McCormick,
B.S. 1968
Joseph A. Simone,
B.S. 1984


Lydia A. Butterworth,
B.S. 1983
Samuel S. Dannaway,
B.S. 1978, M.S. 2008
Christian Dubay,
B.S. 1995
Casey C. Grant,
B.S. 1981
Robert J. Libby,
B.S. 1982
John G. O’Neill,
B.S. 1969
Orville M. Slye, Jr.,
B.S. 1962



FPE Alum Beyler Craig L. Beyler
B.S. 1976
FPE Alum Budnick Edward K. Budnick
B.S. 1970
FPE Alum Art Cote Arthur E. Cote
B.S. 1965
FPE Alum DiNenno Philip J. DiNenno
B.S. 1977
Robert M. Gagnon
B.S. 1990, M.S. 1995
FPE Alum ICOVE David J. Icove
B.S. 1975
FPE Alum and Prof Isman Kenneth E. Isman,
B.S. 1986
FPE Alum Chris Jelenewicz Chris Jelenewicz,
B.S. 1987
FPE Alum Bill Koffell William Koffell,
B.S. 1979
FPE CHair and Alum Jim Milke James A. Milke,
B.S. 1976
FPE Alum Jack Poole 2013 Jack Poole,
B.S. 1986