FPE Research

Research Projects

Faculty Research Areas

  • H. Baum - applied math, CFD
  • M. diMarzo - suppression (water- or foam-based)
  • M.J. Gollner  -  flammability, flame spread, wildfires
  • A.W. Marshall - fire flows, combustion, suppression
  • J.A. Milke - structures, detection, egress
  • J.G. Quintiere - fire dynamics, scaling, flammability
  • S.I. Stoliarov - pyrolysis, flammability, fire growth
  • P.B. Sunderland - soot, fire dynamics, diagnostics
  • J. Torero - fire dynamics, flame spread, smouldering, smoke detection, supression systems, disaster preparedness/resilience
  • A. Trouvé - turbulent combustion, fire modeling, data assimilation


Our Research Laboratory Facilities include:

  • Dr. Harry E. Hickey Fire Suppression Laboratory sponsored by Jensen Hughes
  • EBL Fire Engineering Laboratory
  • Fire and Life Safety America Laboratory
  • Fire Science Laboratory sponsored by Jensen Hughes
  • FM Global Fire Phenomenon Laboratory
  • James and Pamela Boyer Laboratory
  • Koffel Associates Fire Standards Laboratory
  • Prof. John L. Bryan Classroom sponosred by CCI
  • UL Fire Modeling Laboratory

Lab Methods: Standard Tools and Techniques

The following presentations are organized to explain the fundamental methods and equipment in our laboratories–what they can be used to measure, how you can use these tools, the governing principles of how they work, their limitations, and the physics/math/post-processing required to go from machine output to useful data.


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