Four FPE Alumni Receive Distinguished Alumni Award

Four graduates of the Department of Fire Protection Engineering (FPE) at the University of Maryland (UMD) received the Distinguished Alumni Award offered by the Department. The four were honored at the 2018 Alumni Dinner in Las Vegas on June 12. The four alumni are:

  • Daniel L. Arnold (BS, 1980), Founder-Partner Seneca Fire Engineering, LLC.  Dan was one of the principal alumni who assisted with creation of the FPE Alumni Club and has served as a chair of the Club.  Dan is a Fellow and member of the Board of Directors of SFPE and is well known for his role in being one of the primary originators of the Great Atlanta SFPE Chapter Annual Fire Safety Conference.  
  • Roland J. Huggins (B.S., 1985), Senior Vice President Engineering and Technical Services American Fire Sprinkler Association.  Roland Huggins is a Fellow of SFPE and has held a leadership role in the sprinkler industry, had a long-term participation on professional committees and made contributions to the literature in the field. 
  • Eric Rosenbaum (BS, 1985; MS 1997), Vice President, JENSEN HUGHES.  He’s been an adjunct faculty member involved with the Department’s online program since its inception and has been a principal point of contact for Jensen Hughes interactions with the Department.  Eric Rosenbaum is a Fellow of SFPE, has received multiple awards from SFPE for his role with SFPE committees and is a member of the NFPA Board of Directors. 
  • Stacy N. Welch (B.S., 1997), Vice President, Marriott International, Inc.  She’s a leader in She’s been a long-time member of the Department’s Curriculum Advisory Committee and was co-chair of the committee for 4 years.  She’s a member of the NFPA Board of Directors and the Maryland State Fire Prevention Commission.

Each year, FPE recognizes alumni who have made significant contributions to the mission and ideals of the Department. For more information on the criteria required, or how to submit a nomination, please follow this link.

Published July 3, 2018