New Video Features Wildfire Simulation System Co-Designed by FPE Professors

The National Science Foundation's Science Nation web site, which highlights scientific discoveries for the public, has produced a new video about WIFIRE, the real-time wildfire forecasting system designed by Department of Fire Protection Engineering (FPE) professors Michael Gollner and Arnaud Trouvé and their collaborators at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD).

WIFIRE is a cyberinfrastructure that produces real-time and data-driven simulation, prediction and visualization of wildfire behavior. The scalable system, hosted at the San Diego Supercomputer Center, uses a combination of remote sensor data, satellite imagery, weather data, and computational techniques to predict how a wildfire will spread. WIFIRE also enhances awareness and response by providing information tailored for specific audiences, such as firefighters, emergency management staff, and the public.  The project is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

Watch the video, “WIFIRE helps firefighters get a jump on wildfires,” below or at the Science Nation web site.

Visit the WIFIRE web site

Published August 6, 2014