Singh Receives Northrop Grumman Graduate Fellowship

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Department of Mechanical Engineering graduate student Ajay Singh received the Northrop Grumman Graduate Fellowship in Engineering Education for the 2014-2015 academic year. The fellowship is awarded to engineering students pursuing their doctoral degree who are committed to a teaching career in engineering education.

Singh is currently a fifth year doctoral candidate in the department, as well as a 2014-2015 Clark School Future Faculty Fellow. Under the guidance of Fire Protection Engineering Assistant Professor Michael Gollner, Singh’s concentration of study is in thermal and fluid sciences, with a focus on laminar and turbulent boundary layer combustion.

His current research explores the dynamic relationship between combustible condensed fuel surfaces and gas-phase flames in both laminar and turbulent boundary layers, representing the small scales in which materials are actually tested to the realistic large-scale turbulent flames present in almost all unwanted fires such as hybrid rocket motors and other similar combustion phenomena.

According to Singh, “The [Northrup Grumman] Fellowship will help me immensely in travelling to the international and national conferences to present my research work.”

Singh is currently seeking a post-doctoral research position at various research labs across the country and has plans to take up an academic career after a few years of post-doctoral research.

Recently, Singh also won a Distinguished Paper Award at the 35th International Symposium on Combustion. Singh received the award for his paper, “Estimation of local mass burning rates for steady laminar boundary layer diffusion flames”, which presented a thorough numerical and experimental investigation of laminar boundary-layer diffusion flames established over the surface of a condensed fuel.

Published March 11, 2015