Stoliarov Speaks at European Fire Protection Conference

Clark School Fire Protection Engineering Assistant Professor Stanislav Stoliarov spoke on July 1 at the European meeting on Fire Retardancy and Protection of Materials (FRPM) in Lille, France.

Stoliarov's plenary talk, "Engineering Flame Resistant Materials using Numerical Simulations," provided an overview of ThermaKin, a thermo-kinetic modeling of polymer burning behavior. Developed by the University of Maryland and the Federal Aviation Administration, ThermaKin is capable of modeling pyrolysis, which is a chemical change brought on by the action of heat, and combustion of a wide range of polymeric materials including composites.

The biennial FPRM conference brings together leaders in the fire protection community to discuss the latest in fire retardant polymer materials and the field of fire protection.

Learn more about the Stoliarov's research:

Published July 5, 2013