SFPE Engineering Technology Conference and Annual Meeting

The SFPE Engineering Technology Conference and Annual Meeting will be held on October 26-28, 2013. The Department will be well represented at the meeting and conference. Times for each day vary, so please check the website.

On Sunday, October 26, President Josh Elvove (BS ’80) will give the President’s report and Mike Madden (BS ’82) will the Treasurer’s report.

At the Engineering Technology Conference on October 27 and 28, five presentations will be provided by UMD/FPE faculty or graduate students:

  1. "An Engineering Tool for Evaluating Sprinkler Performance and Optimizing Design in Modern Performance- Based Scenarios," Stephen Jordan, Noah Ryder and Dr. Andre Marshall
  2. "An Overview of Research on Occupant Movement in Stairwells," Chris Campbell and Dr. Jim Milke
  3. "Predictors for the Detection of Cooktop Fires," Dr. Tom Fabian (UL), Dr. Jim Milke, and Robin Zevotek
  4. The SFPE Educational and Scientific Foundation Student Scholar Award Lecture: "A Novel Approach to Predicting Upward Flame Spread Over Polymers," Isaac Leventon
  5. "Determining the Flammability and Flame Spread Properties Between Discreet Fuels," Dr. Michael Gollner, Zhao Zhao and Daniel Gorham

Conference keynote presentations will be provided by two UMD/FPE alumni, Stephen Kerber (MS ’05, BS ’03) and Dr. Erica Kuligowski (MS ‘03, BS ’01). 

In addition, the following UMD/FPE alumni will be presenting papers at the conference: David Banwarth (BS ’72), Dr. Charles Fleischmann (BS ’85), Dr. Bryan Hoskins (PhD ’11 (Mech Engr), MS ’05, BS ’03), Dr. David Icove (BS ’75), Ernesto Vega Janica (MEng ’11), and Dan Madrzykowski (MS  ’93).

The meeting will be held at the Omni Hotel & Resorts in Downtown Austin, TX

Registration information is available at www.sfpe.org.

Published September 24, 2013