Lund University FPE Students Visit Maryland

Students from Sweden’s Lund University (LU) visited the Department of Fire Protection Engineering (FPE) this summer to learn more about FPE programs and research at the University of Maryland. The 43 students, accompanied by Associate Professor Daniel Nillson, were members of LU’s Department of Fire Safety Engineering, home to one of the largest FPE program in Europe.

Professors Arnaud Trouvé and Peter Sunderland introduced the group to FPE’s academic programs, requirements and curricula. Following a welcome from Professor and Chair Jim Milke, Trouvé and graduate students Isaac Leventon, Ajay Vikram Singh, and James White presented overviews of the department’s research activities. The half-day program concluded with lab tours led by Professor Stanislav Stoliarov.

“This was a great exchange of information and goodwill,” says Trouvé. “We hope that some of these students will think about us as they consider a graduate program, and we hope that their visit will pave a path toward more formal exchanges between us and Lund.”

Students from Lund University's Department of Fire Safety Engineering and their professor, Daniel Nillson, met FPE students and faculty this summer.

Published August 28, 2014