FPE Announces Inaugural Class of Distinguished Alumni

The University of Maryland’s Department of Fire Protection Engineering (FPE) has announced its first class of Distinguished Alumni. The ten honorees were selected by FPE’s Board of Visitors for outstanding achievements in the field and/or significant contributions to the department.

The group will be formally recognized at FPE’s Alumni Dinner, to be held at the annual meeting of the National Fire Protection Association in June 2015. Following the conference, FPE will install a display in its J.M. Patterson offices that will highlight each of the current and future honorees. FPE will report on the event and the new display in its July 2015 newsletter.

“These distinguished alumni demonstrate how a quality education combined with a passion for the field of fire protection can lead to lifelong success,” says Dr. Louis A. Gritzo, FM Global Research VP and chair of FPE’s Board of Visitors. “This inaugural group sets an exceptional and inspirational example for the next generation and draws attention to the important work being done in this discipline.

“The members of this exceptional group are already well-known to FPE alumni,” adds FPE department chair Professor Jim Milke. “They are the teachers and leaders who define and advance our field, or they are the people who can be counted on to support department initiatives, contribute to our curriculum, attend our events, and recruit or mentor our students. They are Terps who have made a difference in the department and the discipline.”

Our Distinguished Alumni are:

Craig L. Beyler (B.S. ’76)
Technical Director, JENSEN HUGHES


Edward K. Budnick  (B.S. ’70)


Arthur E. Cote  (B.S. ’65)
Executive Vice President and Chief Engineer, NFPA


Phillip J. DiNenno (B.S. ’77)


Robert M. Gagnon (B.S. ’90; M.S., ’95)


David J. Icove (’75)


Kenneth E. Isman (B.S. ’86)
First Clinical Professor in FPE at UMD


Christopher J. Jelenewicz (B.S. ’87)


William Koffel  (B.S. ’79)
President, Koffel Associates, Inc.


Jack Poole  (B.S. ’86)
Principal, Poole Fire Protection


Published April 13, 2015