FPE Alumni Publish Book on Performance-Based Fire Safety Design

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University of Maryland Department of Fire Protection Engineering (FPE) alumni Morgan Hurley (B.S. ’90, M.S. ’00) and Eric Rosenbaum (B.S. ’85, M.S. ’97) have authored a new book, Performance-Based Fire Safety Design.

Performance-Based Fire Safety Design addresses deterministic and risk-based analysis techniques, development of design fire scenarios, trial design development and analysis, and building lifecycle management. The book also covers designing to protect people from fire, performance-based design of detection systems, smoke control systems and structural fire resistance, addressing computational and design uncertainty and fire testing to support design development or evaluation.

“Eric and I wrote the book using course notes that we created while teaching ENFP 662,” Hurley, a project director based in Aon Fire Protection Engineering’s Washington, D.C. office, explains. The pair has co-taught the online course, Performance Based Design, since the launch of FPE’s online master of engineering (M.Eng.) program ten years ago. “While there are several references available to assist fire protection engineers with performance-based design, what we felt was lacking was a how-to guide that walked readers through each step of the process.” 

Rosenbaum, who serves as a Vice President at JENSEN HUGHES and the Chairman of the SFPE Task Group on Performance-Based Analysis and Design, says the book was designed to serve a wide audience.

“We hope the book is a useful reference for experienced fire protection engineers who are well-versed in performance-based design, for fire protection engineers who are just learning performance-based design, or architects or other members of the design team that would like to learn more about performance-based fire safety design,” he says.

Performance-Based Fire Safety Design is available on Amazon.com.

Published May 11, 2015