Academic Planning

Starting in Fall 2008, all first semester freshman in the Department of Fire Protection Engineering will, in consultation with the Department, develop an individual four-year graduation plan. This is required. Students will not be allowed to register for their next semester's classes until they have a completed an approved plan of study.

The plan will be reviewed by the student and their advisor on a regular basis and revised, if necessary, as individual circumstances change. Under normal circumstances, in is anticipated that a student will complete their degree requirements in no more than four years or eight semesters. Students with exceptional circumstances (such as double majors, special programs, or an inability to attend full-time) may require more time.  Students are responsible for beginning each semester with a reviewed and approved plan and they will be expected to complete a specific number of courses each academic year.  For more information see the University Student Academic Success/Degree Completion Policy.

Developing and completing this plan has many benefits. First, it will help clarify for you the curriculum requirements for your major. Second it will force you to set precise deadlines by which you can measure your progress. This in turn will help you retain and build your motivation. Finally, a detailed plan of action can help you stay focused - resulting in better academic results and a timely graduation.

Use the links below to access the detailed instructions for developing and completing your four year plan. If you are planning to pursue a second major or minor in another discipline be sure to consult the relevant departments to ensure you meet all program requirements in a timely fashion.

For more information, please contact:

Nicole Hollywood
Assistant Director
Department of Fire Protection Engineering
Dept. Phone: 301-405-3992
Direct Phone: 301-405-3994
Fax: 301-405-9383