(3 credits)

Course note: The course will be taught as a dual senior-level undergraduate course, ENFP 464 and graduate course, ENFP 664.



  • Permission of the Department


  • D.A. Crowl & J.F. Louvar, Chemical Process Safety: Fundamentals with Applications, (3rd Edition) Prentice Hall, International Series in the Physical and Chemical Engineering Sciences, 2011.

Course Description

  • This class is designed to introduce students to the basics of process safety with a focus on the methods and techniques that may be utilized when evaluating the existing or proposed safety protection solutions in industrial facilities. An emphasis is placed on properly identifying the hazards that are present, the risk exposure, and how best to address the risk. The foundation is laid by presenting the necessary background information on industrial processes and integrating this information with applicable fire/explosion safety science.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this course, the student should:

  • have a system-level understanding of industrial processes and facilities
  • have a basic understanding of the major hazards associated with industrial processes and facilities
  • understand the regulatory framework associated with industrial safety
  • be capable of applying classical engineering methods to calculate the impact of fire/explosion hazards
  • be capable of developing engineering design solutions to limit the fire/explosion risk in industrial facilities

Tentative Couse Outline

  • Introduction to Industrial Processes & Facilities
  • Facility Diagrams
  • Risk Analysis
  • Codes and Guidelines
  • Introduction to Flammability of Gases
  • Introduction to Flammability of Liquids
  • Consequence Analysis – Discharge
  • Consequence Analysis – Dispersion
  • Consequence Analysis – Pool Fires
  • Consequence Analysis – Deflagrations and Fireballs
  • Consequence Analysis – Explosions
  • Energy Use and Infrastructure
  • Regulation of Energy Infrastructure and LNG
  • LNG Case Studies
  • Pressure Relief Design
  • Fire Suppression