Profs. Marshall and Trouve to receive NASA funding

Clark School Leads NASA Project:

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has renewed a research agreement worth $22.8 million over three to five years that involves 20 universities, including the University of Maryland as the lead institution.

The project will be led by the Clark School's Darryll Pines, professor and chair of the Department of Aerospace Engineering. The renewal program follows the highly successful NASA University Research, Engineering and Technology Institutes program spearheaded by Professor Mark J. Lewis, who is now on leave of absence from the university serving as chief scientist of the U.S. Air Force.

Pines will serve as the principal investigator for the Constellation University Institute Project, which will develop technologies and analysis methods for future human space exploration. The project supports NASA's long-term interest in space exploration.

In addition to administering the project, the Clark School has several faculty members involved in the research, particularly in the area of propulsion and combustion. The list of principal investigators in this area includes Professors Kenneth Yu and Christopher Cadou (Aerospace Engineering Department), and Andre Marshall and Arnaud Trouve (Department of Fire Protection Engineering).

Published September 25, 2007