Fire Tornado! 4/16 on Discovery Channel in Canada, 4/23 on Science Channel in U.S.

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Dr. Michael Gollner (peeking out, left center) watching a fire tornado he created for an episode of Daily Planet.

University of Maryland assistant professor Michael Gollner (Department of Fire Protection Engineering) will explain–and demonstrate–the phenomenon known as a fire tornado in a forthcoming episode of Daily Planet, airing on the Discovery Channel in Canada and on the Science Channel in the U.S.

Gollner will discuss wildfire spread research at the University of Maryland, including studies of extreme fire behavior, such as the fire tornado, also known as a fire whirl.

The episode, part of the series’ “Forces of Nature Week,” will air on Wednesday, April 16 in Canada and Wednesday, April 23 in the U.S. (See local listings for times.)

Published April 15, 2014