Selection of Coursework Advisor

  • M.Eng. graduate students enrolled in the online program are advised by James A. Milke
    (, FPE Professor and Chair, and Director of the FPE Distance Learning

  • M.Eng. graduate students enrolled in the on-campus program are advised by Arnaud
    Trouvé (, FPE Professor and Director of Graduate Studies.

  • M.S. graduate students are advised by the FPE faculty member elected
    as their thesis advisor. Each new M.S. graduate student entering the department must
    initiate contact with the faculty to obtain an advisor based on his/her indicated research
    area of interest

    • The FPE Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Arnaud Trouvé (, is available to facilitate these contacts

    • The M.S. advisor should be identified by the end of the student’s first semester of study. M.S. students may elect to change advisors, subject to the approval of the new advisor, at any later date.