The Department wishes to provide transparency and communicate in an effective and timely fashion regarding the COIVD-19 pandemic. If you have questions not answered below, please send them to and we will be happy to answer to the best of our ability.

Please observe the following:

  • 3106 JMP will be kept locked; unplanned drop-ins are strongly discouraged. Requests for 1:1 meetings should be made in advance. It is at the discretion of the Department Staff Member to deny entry to any visitor, planned or unplanned.
  • If you must drop-in, a faculty or staff member will be available to see you based on the day's rotation.
  • Please practice social distancing at all times within the FPE suite.
  • Masks are required for all visitors (exceptions will be made for those with justifiable health issues, but please provide medical documentation prior to arrival at the suite).
  • Those who visit in person should ring the bell and are required to scan a QR code upon entering and exiting the suite for contact tracing purposes.
  • When arriving for in-person ENFP course office hours, the faculty member will be expecting you, but be prepared to ring the bell for entrance into the suite.
  • For Undergraduate Students: The first 2 weeks of the term will be conducted virtually, along with the 2 weeks directly following spring break in March.
  • For Graduate Students: The first 2 weeks of classes will be held as scheduled in the Schedule of Classes.
  • For ALL students, in-person office hours are cancelled for this term. Please review the Weekly Fire Drill and this webpage for virtual drop in/office hours provided by faculty and staff.

*Please note: In accordance with 4Maryland health requirements, and to maintain 50% capacity for all indoor spaces, faculty and staff members have the right to refuse entrance to the FPE suite for appointements or unscheduled drop-ins.

Staffing Schedule:

  • The FPE Business Office Staff will rotate in-office availability daily.
  • Fernando Raffan-Montoya (lab coordinator) will be on campus Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Nicole Hollywood, will offer virtual drop-in hours, announced each week in the weekly Fire Drill.

Faculty Member Schedule:

  • TBD

All faculty members and staff are answering email and will provide a timely response to questions, or requests for meetings.

*For virtual drop-in hours, please follow this link to the faculty and staff member schedule.


  • Free testing is available to all students, faculty and staff members at the University Health Center.
  • A negative test result is required within 2 weeks of returning to campus. Visit for further information.
  • We want to keep everyone as safe as possible, so please: wear a mask (free masks available), wash your hands and practice social distancing.

*If someone who has recently visited the FPE suite and/or lab(s) tests positive for COVID, inform the faculty/staff member available and the business office staff immediately (Christine O'Brien and Brian Sullivan). Follow this link for clean-up procedures as advised by the CDC.