FPE Seminar: Advances of Thermal Radiation Research: Openings from Micro to Macroscale FPE Apps

Thursday, October 21, 2021
10:30 a.m.
Fire and Risk Alliance Conference Room (3106 JMP)
Christine O'Brien

Speaker:  Hadi Bordbar, School of Engineering, Aalto University, Finland

Title: Advances of Thermal Radiation Research: Openings to Micro to Macroscale Fire Protection Applications


Thermal radiation plays a crucial role in heat transfer, expansion, growing, and spreading of fire. The nature of thermal radiation, including its dependency on direction and wavelength, makes the numerical solution of radiative heat transfer more challenging than other transport phenomena. While it is crucial in micro-scale applications such as designing spectrally selective reflecting retardant materials or in-depth radiation of condensed materials, it is also vital in analyzing large-scale combustion systems such as forest fires and large boilers. Due to its complexity and computational demands, the physics of radiative heat transfer has often been oversimplified imposing considerable inaccuracy to the overall prediction of fire-CFD models. Hence, significant progress has been made to accurately calculate directional and total (spectrally integrated) radiative heat transfer in combustion systems within the last two decades. Therefore, the current computational and experimental resources, if smartly instigated, allow accurate directional and high-resolution spectral calculation of radiative heat transfer in gas and condensed phases in fires. It essentially paves the road for novel technologies for the prevention, early detection, and efficient suppression of fires.

In this seminar, the physics, and general challenges of thermal radiation in combustion systems will be first discussed. I will then present some of my research on spectral gas radiation in pool fires, optimal spectral flame detection, and spectral and directional radiative heat transfer within the condensed materials. The seminar will be completed by a few fire protection research ideas feasible by high fidelity numerical modeling and experimental measurements of radiative heat transfer.

Audience: Campus 

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