There are several resources for employment on campus as well as external fire protection jobs:

Staff Positions:

No openings at this time.

Faculty Positions:

No openings at this time.

Employment Positions for Engineers:

Academic Positions and Fellowship Opportunities
There are the following Ph.D. possible openings in FireSERT in the area of Fire Dynamics and Materials laboratory:

  • Soot, Carbon Monoxide and Radiation in Pool Fires: experiments and modeling
  • Fire dynamics of large scale enclosure and corridor or tunnel fires
  • Chemistry and physics of material flammability properties including extinction and ignition
  • Fire suppression using liquid nitrogen
  • Fire Risk assessment using Agent Based Modeling

For more information see:

Employment Posting Guidelines

The Department of Fire Protection Engineering welcomes job listings for internships and paid employment for positions in fire protection and related fields.  Please forward the position description, including all pertinent contact and application information, to enfp@umd.edu.

Kindly forward the advertisement as an e-mail attachment in PDF format.  Please be sure that your copy is “ready to post” as we are not available to edit it.

Thank you for your interest in sharing employment opportunities with our students and alumni who represent the very best in fire protection engineering.

Questions? Please call 301-405-3992.