FPE at a Glance


World Trade Center
Fireballs from jet fuel,
World Trade Center

Did you know …

  • The University of Maryland has the only accredited FPE department in the U.S.
  • FPE graduates are highly sought by employers
  • FPE’s are among the highest paid of all engineers
  • FPE is a challenging, dynamic field
  • FPE’s get involved in:
    » Fire forensics
    » Research and development
    » Computer simulations of fire and smoke behavior, evacuation and structural response
    » Design

water mist nozzlesWhat is Fire Protection Engineering?

Fire Protection Engineering provides the sophisticated technical tools needed to safeguard lives and property from fire.

Left: Water mist nozzles


simulationComputer simulation, room fire

About the Program

  • One of only two graduate programs in the country
  • Renowned faculty with professional experience, many are licensed PE’s
  • Small department: Get to know faculty and students
  • Hands-on projects and experiments


small-scale wtc carpet experiment
above: Small-scale experiment of 96th floor of World Trade Center above: Carpet experiment


  • Fire Behavior
  • Fire Simulation
  • Smoke Management
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Structural Fire Protection Risk
  • Heat Transfer
  • Fire Detection and Suppression
  • Life Safety
  • Analysis

evacuation analysis
Evacuation Analysis

Flame Spread Experiment
Flame Spread Experiment

experiment on flames

Experiment on Flames


Wide range of scholarships and internships/co-ops available.


  • 2-3 times more jobs than qualified people to fill them
  • Average starting salary is $70,000

Recent employers include:

Hughes KA
NAVFAC Marriott GE

CCI UL Listed

More Information

If you would like more information on joining Maryland students and faculty studying fire protection engineering at a top-ranked, major university:

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