Class of 2021

Hometown: Dunkirk, MD
High School: Northern H.S.

"What I love about FPE is how close everyone is to each other. It's a nice feeling to know everyone in your major/graduating class, and getting to grow with them over our years in the Department."

Why did you choose Fire Protection Engineering over other STEM majors?

I chose Fire Protection Engineering because I wanted to utilize its unique opportunities offered here at UMD, and I wanted to stand out among my peers in the world of engineering

What do you value most about the Department and your time with FPE?

I value the time and commitment put in by all of the FPE faculty and professors. Each of them takes the time to get to know us as students, and they really help create a fun and engaging atmosphere for our department.

How else are you involved in the campus community, either in or outside the Department?

I'm a part of College Park Scholars, Terps Boxing Club, UMD The Crew, Intramural Soccer, Pakistan Student Association (PSA) and the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE).

When you're not in class, or serving the Department, where can you be found?

Usually I can be found either at the gym, at Mckeldin library, or at Marathon Deli.

What is the best thing about UMD?

Our campus traditions! Rubbing Testudo's nose for good luck always helps with exams and always be sure to avoid stepping on the Point of Failure!

Any last words for prospective students?

Come to UMD! Join FPE! It's the greatest major that you've never heard of!