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Maryland Day 2018
Saturday, April 28, 2018
10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
All across the UMD campus
For More Information:
Ken Isman


Maryland Day 2018!!!

This year, in addition to our popular 'Fire Whirl' (3106 JM Patterson Bldg), FPE will conduct a Side by Side Burn Demonstration (Mitchell Rec Field, near the Armory), in which two nearly identical life-sized residential compartments will be constructed. The only difference between the two compartments will be that one will have a fire sprinkler system installed, while the other will not. Identical fires will be started in each compartment so that observers can compare the damage that occurs without a sprinkler system to the response of the sprinkler system including the property and lives it can save. 

The University of Maryland will add something to the traditional Side by Side Demonstration.  Students will conduct a computer simulation of what will happen in advance and show it to observers, so that they will understand more about what they are going to see in advance.  We will also attempt to provide instrumentation during the demonstration to allow for a quantitative analysis in addition to the qualitative analysis that is traditionally performed during this demonstration.

This event will graciously be sponsored by the American Fire Sprinkler Association, and many thanks to them for their support!

For additional information on this campus-wide event, please visit this website -

See a clip of the WJZ pre-MD Day interview and fire whirl filming w/ Ron Matz and our FPE crew!

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