Ph.D. Dissertations (2004–Present)




2018 Data-driven Simulations of Wildfire Spread at Regional Scales Zhang, Cong
2018 Predicting Fire Sprinkler Sprays Myers, Taylor
2018  Development and Analysis of a Burning Rate Emulator (BRE) for Study in Microgravity Markan, Akshit
2017 The Interaction of Sprinkler Sprays and Fire Plumes Link, Eric
2017 Fluid Dynamics of Boundary Layer Combustion Miller, Colin
2017 Forward Heating in Wind-Driven Flames Tang, Wei
2016 Comprehensive Calorimetry and Modeling of the Thermally-induced Failure of a Lithium Ion Battery Liu, Xuan
2016 A Generalized Methodology to Characterize Composite Materials for Pyrolysis Models McKinnon, Mark
2016 Measurement and Simulation of Suppression Effects in a Buoyant Turbulent Line Fire White, James P.
2016 Slot Film Cooling: A Comprehensive Experimental Characterization Raffan Montoya, F.
2015 Large Eddy Simulation of Fire Extinction Phenomena Vilfayeau, Sebastien
2015 Prediction of Upward Flames Spread over Polymers Leventon, Isaac T.
2015 A Fundamental Study of Boundary Layer Diffusion Flames Singh, Ajay Vikram
2015 Inhibition of Laminar Premixed Flames by Halon 1301 Alternatives  Pagliaro, John L.
2015 Soot oxidation in hydrocarbon-free flames Guo, Haiqing
2014 A multiscale approach to parameterization of burning models for polymeric materials Li, Jing
2013 Large eddy simulation of boundary layer combustion Bravo, Luis
2013 On the computation of buoyancy affected turbulent wall flows using Large Eddy Simulation Ojofeitimi, Ayodeji
2013 Experimental and numerical investigation of tangentially-injected slot film cooling Voegele, Andrew
2011 The effects of interactions and individual characteristics on egress down stairs Hoskins, Bryan L.
2011 Experimental validation of TRAC-RELAP advanced computational engine TRACE for simplified, integral, rapid-condensation-driven transient Pollman, Anthony G.
2010 Modeling and simulation of mixing layer flows for rocket engine film cooling Dellimore, Kiran
2010 Direct numerical simulation of non-premixed flame extinction phenomena Narayanan, Praveen
2010 Advances in characterizing fire sprinkler sprays Ren, Ning
2009 Numerical investigations of gaseous spherical diffusion flames Lecoustre, Vivien
2009 Measurements and Analysis of Extinction in Vitiated Flame Sheets Williamson, Justin
2008 Development and testing of a multiplexed temperature sensor Anderson, Gregory W.
2008 Experimental and numerical characterization of turbulent slot film cooling Cruz, Carlos
2008 Numerical simulation of low-pressure explosive combustion in compartment fires Hu, Zhixin
2007 Waking effectiveness of emergency alerting devices for the hearing able, hard of hearing and deaf populations Ashley. Erin M.
2006 Large-eddy simulation of variable density flows Ma, Tingguang
2006 Theoretical and experimental study on fully-developed compartment fires Utiskul, Yunyong
2006 Scale modeling of structural behavior in fire Wang, Ming
2006 Characterization of fire induced flow transport along ceilings using salt-water modeling Yao, Xiaobo
2005 Direct numerical simulation of non-premixed combustion with soot and thermal radiation Wang, Yi
2004 Theoretical and experimental study of autoignition of wood Boonmee, Nathasak