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diMarzo, Marino

diMarzo, Marino
Professor, Ph.D.
Director of Facilities, A. James Clark School of Engineering
3106C J.M. Patterson Bldg.

Research Interests 

Transport phenomena in change of phase; fire suppression with aqueous agents; thermal hydraulics for nuclear reactor safety.


1982 -Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Catholic University, Washington, D.C.

1976 - Dr.Ing. in Chemical Engineering, Naples University, Italy

Honors and Awards 

2003 – Fellow, American Institute of Chemical Engineers

2000 – Fellow, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

1998 - US Delegate to the International Heat Transfer Assembly

1997 - AIChE Certificate of Recognition for chairing the HT&EC Division

1996 - U.S. Alternate Delegate to the International Heat Transfer Assembly

1995 - Honorary Member, Unione Italiana di Termofluidodinamica (UIT)

1993 - ASME Certificate of Appreciation, Member Advisory Board ECO WORLD

1993 - UIT Delegate, International Congress of Mechanical Engineering Societies

Selected Publications 

A. Pollman, M. di Marzo, “Derivation of Integral Energy Balance for MANOTEA Facility”, Nuclear Engineering and Design, Vol. 265, pp. 1124-1130 (2013)

A. Pollman, K. Vierow, M. di Marzo, “Analysis of Rapid-Condensation Transient Using TRACE”, Nuclear Engineering and Design, Vol. 250, pp. 512-519 (2012)

A. Pollman, M. di Marzo, “Simplified Integral Rapid-Condensation Transient Experiment”, Nuclear Engineering and Design, Vol. 249, pp. 357-363 (2012)

L.K. McCarthy, M. di Marzo, “The Application of Phase Change Material in Fire Fighter Protective Clothing”, Fire Technology, Vol. 48, pp. 841-864 (2012)

M. di Marzo, A.W. Marshall, “Modeling Aspects of Sprinkler Spray Dynamics in Fire”, Transactions of the Institution of Chemical Engineers Part B, Vol. 82, pp. 97-104 (2004).

P. Ruffino, M. di Marzo, “The Simulation of Fire Sprinklers Thermal Response in Presence of Water Droplets”, Fire Safety Journal, Vol. 39, pp. 721-736 (2004)

P. Ruffino, M. di Marzo, “Temperature And Volumetric Fraction Measurements In A Hot Gas Laden With Water Droplets”, Journal of Heat Transfer, Vol. 125, pp. 356-364 (2003)

G. Sotgia, P. Tartarini, M. di Marzo, “Experimental and Theoretical Study on the Stratified Flow Regime of Oil-Water Mixtures” Heat Transfer 2002, J. Taine Ed., Vol. 3, pp. 75-80 (2002)

J.G. Quintiere, M di Marzo, R. Becker, “A Suggested Cause of Fire-Induced Collapse of the World Trade Towers” Fire Safety Journal, Vol. 37, pp. 707-716 (2002)

M. di Marzo, “Ex-Vessel Transport and Mixing of a Deborated Slug in a PWR Lowered Loop Geometry” Nuclear Engineering and Design, Vol. 210, pp.169-175 (2001)

Y. Guam, M. Modarres, M. di Marzo, D. Bessette, “A Method of Integrated Behavior Logic Modeling with Thermal Hydraulic – Probabilistic Assessment Screening and its Application to Identifying AP600 Accidental Scenarios” Nuclear Technology, Vol. 133, No. 3, pp. 269-289 (2001)

M. di Marzo, “A Simplified Model of the BWR Depressurization Transient” Nuclear Engineering and Design, Vol. 205, pp. 107-114 (2001)

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