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Special Applied Dynamics / Informal Statistical Physics Seminar| Shmuel Fishman, Technion
Friday, October 13, 2017
12:30 p.m.
ERF 1207
For More Information:
Taylor Prendergast
301 405 4951

Speaker: Shmuel Fishman

Speaker's Institution: Technion | Department of Physics

Title: Statistical Description of Mixed Systems (Chaotic and Regular), Correlations and "Thermalization"

Abstract: We discuss a statistical theory for Hamiltonian dynamics with a mixed phase space, where in some parts of phase space the dynamics is chaotic while in other parts it is regular. Transport in phase space is dominated by sticking to complicated structures and its distribution is universal. The survival probability in the vicinity of the initial point is a power law in time with a universal exponent. We calculate this exponent in the framework of the Markov Tree model proposed by Meiss and Ott in 1986. It turns out that, inspite of many approximations, it predicts important results quantitatively. The calculations are extended to the quantum regime where correlation functions and observables are studied. The seminar will be very informal and some work still in progress will be reported. The work reported is in collaboration with Or Alus, James Meiss and Mark Srednicki.

This Event is For: Clark School • Graduate • Undergraduate • Faculty • Staff • Post-Docs

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