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FPE studentsA variety of research projects are currently being conducted by the students in the Department of Fire Protection Engineering. These innovative research projects cover a wide range of state-of-the-art topics that are promoting the development of the field of fire protection engineering. Topics include, for example, sprinkler design, fire modeling, fire risk assessment and fuel examination. The following videos provide a brief introduction to these projects.


These videos provide an overview of Department projects.

Understanding Fire Phenomena

Fire Safety of On-Campus Housing

Burn and Learn

Research Projects

These are full-length videos of the individual research projects.

Chris Moran - Hydrogen Flames

Evan Patronik - Vehicle Fire Safety

Fernando Raffan - Film Cooling

Havard Bohmer - Fire Modeling

Kevin Levy - Risk Assessment

Ning Ren, Chi Do and Yinghui Zheng-
Sprinkler Spray Dispersion

Praveen Narayanan- Numerical Modeling

Vivien Lecoustre - Spherical Diffusion Flame

Xiaoxi Luo - Tunnel Fires

Young Ern Ling - Salt-Water Modeling

Zhixin Hu - Flame Modeling